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The Basics of Birth Injuries

A birth injury is a medical condition or problem that develops as a result of the childbirth process. Sometimes these are the result of misfortune or the mother’s actions, but others the injury can result from the medical care given during the childbirth. There are four primary types of birth injuries. Let’s take a look at them all in more detail.


A mistake in a diagnosis is the leading type of physician error in the country. In many cases, a patient may not exhibit the “textbook” list of symptoms for a condition, resulting in the mistaken diagnosis. These errors can be extremely costly in birth situations because the doctors will have lost valuable time treating the wrong condition.


Childbirth is still so crucial and so much can go wrong that even the slightest amount of negligence can have devastating consequences, even with all of our modern advances in medicine and technology. Negligence can result in many different injuries to both the baby and the mother, with potentially life-changing or even fatal consequences.

It’s important to recognize that your doctor was not necessarily negligent if your childbirth did not go smoothly. Pregnancy is a complex process, and speaking to an attorney can help you better determine if you have a medical malpractice case.

Surgical Errors

If the anesthesiologist or surgeon makes even a small error, consequences such as damaged nerves, failure to control bleeding, and even leaving surgical equipment (such as sponges) inside a patient can all occur. Anesthesia injuries usually occur from an improper level of anesthetic, but may also come from a lack of movement during surgeries too.

Mistakes in Drug Administration

Making a mistake in medication is extremely common. Administering the wrong drug or even the right drug in the wrong amount can have serious consequences on a mother or baby. Medication errors can also come in the form of a wrong prescription from the doctor or the pharmacy giving the wrong medication or dosage amount. While these are not as common as misdiagnosis cases, these are still extremely common.

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