Freshly-Buffed Tile Floors & Other Office Slip & Fall Hazards

Many people associate workplace dangers with fields and industries are certain intensity and inherent dangers, like employment as a construction worker or firefighter. However, the truth remains that all workplace settings can become unreasonably dangerous if unsafe conditions are permitted to exist and are not addressed readily. Even an office setting, which is considered by many as about as safe as you can get at a worksite, could have plenty of hazards that could cause painful slip and fall accidents.

Three common slip and fall hazards in the typical office setting are:

  • Freshly-buffed tile floors: Every business and corporation wants their offices to look as presentable as possible for visitors and potential clients. In many circumstances, this means buffing the lobby or entry room floor regularly to keep it looking pristine. Dangers arise if there is not enough signage warning of the slip hazard created by a freshly-buffed floor. To prevent slips on buffed tile, office managers should put up warning signage, provide alternative routes around the location, and try to schedule floor cleaning and maintenance only at night.
  • Stray cables and wires: The modern office has more computers, printers, routers, and so on than people and file cabinets. All of the added technology means there could be miles of cables and wires that need to be carefully arranged and kept out of walking paths. Office managers should create safety teams or individual inspectors to do weekly checks around specific suites for loose or stray cabling that could trip someone.
  • Upturned carpet edges: Many offices have suites with both tiling and carpeting. The carpeting that edges up against tiling can often pose a serious trip hazard as time goes on and it starts to lift. People not paying close attention to where they are going can easily get the toes of their footwear snagged on the upturned carpet edge and take a spill. Hammering down carpeting as soon as it starts to lift, or by installing appropriate edge guards, can stop people from falling in the office due to this type of hazard.

Orange County Premises Liability Attorneys

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