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Have you suffered serious injury as a result of a doctor's misdiagnosis? Did your doctor delay the diagnosis of your loved one? Do you have questions about why it took so long for your physician, the ER doctor, or another medical professional to diagnose your case?

The Law Office of Marshall Silberberg can help you find answers and pursue justice. Our firm has obtained hundreds of millions for our clients.

To learn more about your case, contact our firm! We won’t charge you any attorney fees unless we obtain compensation on your behalf.

What Can Our Firm Offer You?

The Law Office of Marshall Silberberg is founded by a former insurance defense lawyer who has nearly four decades of experience investigating diagnostic errors and other medical malpractice matters. We also have a physician on staff to provide insight as a medical expert.

We know how to thoroughly, professionally, and skillfully investigate your delayed diagnosis case. We are also able to connect you to a vast array of quality resources and experts who can provide you with top-notch medical care.

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Seeking Compensation to Care for Loved Ones

Diagnosis delays can cause serious harm because patients, especially in cases of cancer, stroke, heart attack, and other conditions that require time-sensitive treatment. A successful result can mean relief for our clients and their families.

Financial compensation can pay for things that include:

  • Loss of income
  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Burial costs
  • Lost quality of life costs

Doctors should know better. Specialists should know better. ER hospital physicians should know better. Nurses should know better. We hold them accountable. We are here to help people who have suffered at the hands of a doctor or medical professional or who have been significantly harmed due to a diagnosis delay, obtain justice and compensation.

Four Elements of a Failure to Diagnose Lawsuit

In every medical malpractice claim, the basis is proof is negligence. However, before you can negotiate a claim, you must be able to prove all four elements that make up and establish medical negligence.

1st Element: The Duty of Care
You must prove the healthcare facility or professional owed you a duty. Each medical professional has a duty to act in a reasonable manner towards you as the patient.

2nd Element: The Breach of Duty
You must prove the healthcare facility or professional breached their duty of care by failing to act reasonably towards you as the patient.

3rd Element: The Breach Directly Caused the Injury
You must prove the healthcare facility or professional’s breach was the direct result of your injuries. The damages and injuries must directly relate to the healthcare facility or professional’s failure to act reasonably towards you.

4th Element: The Injury or Damage Caused Financial Losses
You must prove that because the healthcare facility or professional did not act reasonably or carry out the proper procedures, which caused you to suffer injury or harm, you now face financial loss. For a court judgment against the liable healthcare facility or professional in order to achieve financial compensation, you must provide adequate, documented evidence.

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You Deserve to be Compensated

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    Our tenacity and work ethic set us apart. We’re not afraid to roll up our sleeves and really get to work on a case. From our personal meetings with prominent field experts to the development and strategy of your overall case, we will zealously stand by your side from start to finish.

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    Under our representation, your case will be backed by decades of experience; experience that includes hundreds of trial cases and countless courtroom wins. Our straight-shooting, no-nonsense approach has resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements.

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We are a small firm by design because this allows us to be accessible and responsive to our clients' needs. At the same time, we utilize a wide range of professionals and experts in relevant fields to help us prepare your case so that we have the best chance of being successful. Since 2004, the Law Office of Marshall Silberberg has obtained more than $500 million in verdicts and settlements on behalf of our clients.

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