Safety Precautions to Take When Driving with a Baby on Board

Both new and experienced parents share many experiences, one of them being the fear that something will happen to your child during a car ride. Even if you are the safest driver you know, it can be nerve-racking to drive with your baby in the backseat. After all, it is only natural for parents to worry about the safety of their children. To help you find some peace of mind, our attorneys at the Law Office of Marshall Silberberg have curated a list of 8 tips to keep you and your baby safe while on the road.

8 Safe Driving Tips for Parents

1.Choose the Correct Car Seat

With so many car seats on the market, parents may find it tricky to purchase the correct one. Make sure to consider the seat’s safety rating and how it fits into your car, as well as the size of your baby, while shopping for one. Often, parents can have a car seat installed before buying it to test out how it fits.

Please note: In California, children under two years old must use a rear-facing seat unless they are heavier than 40 pounds or taller than 40 inches. After that, depending on their height, they must sit in either a car seat or a booster seat until they are 8 years old or 4’9” tall. At this point, they can continue to use the booster seat or simply use a regular seat belt.

2.Feed and Change Your Baby Before Heading Out

To reduce the chances of your baby fussing while on the road, feed and change them before the trip. Some parents even time their car trips to coincide with their baby’s nap time.

3.Buckle Up or Secure Toys

Although you may be inclined to give your baby a toy to keep them entertained, if they drop that toy or throw it, chaos may ensue in the car. Buckle up all their toys or leave them in the trunk to avoid any toy-related issues while driving.

4.Use a Sunshade

A sunshade can provide your baby in the backseat with some much-needed shade. Installing one can prevent them from getting hot or sunburned, as well as keep them comfortable.

5.Don’t Risk It; Turn Off Your Phone

We all know that texting and driving is illegal and dangerous, so why risk it? Turn off your phone and secure it in your pocket or bag to avoid any temptation to use it when behind the wheel.

6.Practice Defensive Driving

The safest way to drive is to drive defensively. Even if you follow all traffic rules, another vehicle could swerve into your lane and cause an accident, so make sure to remain alert and be prepared to react should others act negligently.

7.Avoid Driving when Fatigued

It is never a good idea to drive while fatigued, especially when you have your baby to worry about. If you are feeling tired, try to put off the trip until after you get some rest.

8.Take a Co-Pilot

Take a co-pilot with you if you can. They can offer an extra set of eyes for the road, attend to your baby should they begin fussing or crying, and help you get to your destination by manning the navigation app on your phone or dashboard.

Advocating for Safer Streets

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