Don't Post About Your Injury on Social Media

For better or worse, we are impossibly accustomed to sharing every aspect of our lives online. As you can imagine this breach of confidentiality is not always a positive thing, especially when keeping the details of your life private is intrinsic to the outcome of your personal injury case. If you have been injured due to no fault of your own, it is vital you don’t sabotage yourself by sharing the excessive details on your social media accounts. Most of us are connected to various platforms through which we share photos and status updates with our friends, family, and close acquaintances.

By publicizing your injury, either by posting photos of the accident or sending a Tweet about what just happened, you are setting yourself up to be interrogated about these details. You can rest assured the opposition will explore every possibility to prove their innocence, even if it comes down to one small detail on your private Facebook page. Regardless if your accounts are set to only be shared with your loved ones, the courts can demand they be used as evidentiary support if they see fit. Do not underestimate the opposition’s intentions to clear themselves of any responsibility.

Even if you exercise caution and only post about non-injury related things, such as an outing with your family, this can still come back to bite you down the line. A post which shows you smiling with your loved ones and taking a simple walk down the street can be manipulated to show your injuries are not as severe as you claim. Combating these perpetuations is why our legal team advises you pause your social media accounts for the time being until your case is successfully resolved.

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