Brighter Spring Weather Means More Motorcycle On Orange County Roads

The rainy season usually keeps motorcycle riders off the roads, as long as they have a second form of transportation with more than two-wheels. Southern California saw an extended winter this year, and the rains kept coming well into March. Now that the sun is showing itself more often and like usual, you can probably expect to see more motorcyclists on the streets and highways of Orange County and beyond. Will you be ready to share the road with them?

Safe Ways to Share the Road with Motorcyclists

To prevent motorcycle accidents, the responsibility to drive safely falls upon motorists and motorcyclists alike. Whether you are a rider yourself or just someone who sees riders on the road, there are some safety tips and rules of the road you should keep in mind to keep everyone safe and sound.

  1. Lane splitting: California is the only state that currently makes it legal for motorcyclists to lane split, or ride between two occupied lanes to pass. Whenever you need to merge or change lanes, take extra care to check your blind spots for motorcyclists who might be there lane splitting. If you’re a motorcyclist, lane split responsibly and do your best not to linger in blind spots.
  2. Left turn caution: An inordinately high percentage of serious motorcycle accidents happen when a motorist turns left in front of an approaching motorcyclist who has the right-of-way. Due to their smaller size, motorcycles are harder to notice on the road, especially in busy areas. Drivers who do not use the right amount of caution may turn right in front of opposing motorcycle traffic, having never seen them, causing a devastating crash. If you’re a motorcyclist, consider using your headlight at all times to increase your visibility to opposing traffic.
  3. Rough weather dangers: Back to the topic of heavy rain in Southern California, rough weather does not bode well for motorcyclists. Dirt, mud, and oil that is washed up onto the road due to rain and strong winds can easily disrupt the traction of a fast-moving motorcycle. This is especially true at curves and corners. Be mindful of your speed when riding your motorcycle after a storm to reduce the chances of a wipeout caused by poor road conditions.

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