5 Motorcycle Accident Prevention Tips for Drivers

At the Law Office of Marshall Silberberg, our Orange County personal injury attorneys understand the devastating effects of motorcycle accidents, especially for bikers. In most cases, motorcyclists suffer catastrophic and even fatal injuries due to the lack of protection they have compared to drivers in motor vehicles.

As motorists, you need to be aware of your surroundings at all times. Many of these collisions occur because drivers fail to notice motorcycles approaching or passing by.

The following are five motorcycle accident prevention tips for drivers:

  • Always check your blind spots – Since motorcycles are much smaller compared to cars, it is easier for them to enter your blind spot with you noticing. Keep your head on a swivel at all times.
  • Look before you turn – About half of all accidents involving motorcycles and other vehicles were caused by a car attempting to make a left turn while a biker goes straight. If you notice a motorcyclist at an intersection, attempt to make eye contact with him or her before committing to a turn.
  • Follow the four-second rule – If you are driving behind a motorcycle, widen your driving distance and maintain a cushion of four seconds. This space gives you enough room to react to an unexpected incident or road condition.
  • Consider the weather – If it is raining or snowing, understand that motorcyclists will have a hard time navigating through these inclement weather conditions. Give them extra space to maneuver in the event of unfavorable weather.
  • Be courteous – Just be a friend and give the motorcycle the right of way always.

If you suffered an injury in a motorcycle accident caused by a negligent driver, contact our Orange County personal injury lawyer at the Law Office of Marshall Silberberg today.

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