How to Avoid a Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrian accidents are almost always a result of a driver behaving recklessly. Although you cannot prevent a person from texting while driving, speeding, or driving under the influence, there are things you can do to protect yourself from being injured.

Look Both Ways Before Crossing the Street

One of the best ways to avoid being injured in a pedestrian accident is looking both ways before you cross the street. The classic piece of advice that you have probably been told since you were a child has not been overstated — every time you walk across a road, it is crucial to look around for any potential dangers.

Being aware of cars while you out walking involves more than taking a look around. You should never cross a busy street if you are heavily intoxicated, or under the influence of drugs. While you are crossing the street, continue looking around for vehicles. Being completely aware of your environment is crucial to be safe.

Don’t Jaywalk

Walking across a street without using a crosswalk (commonly referred to as “jaywalking”) is highly dangerous. Crosswalks are in place for the safety of pedestrians, and there is no good reason to walk in an undesignated section of road. Jaywalking greatly increases your risk of being injured in a pedestrian accident, and it is best to avoid it completely.

Be Visible

In addition to taking precautions to be aware of vehicles while you are out walking, you should also do whatever you can to make any cars aware of your presence. If you are out at night, you should wear brightly colored or reflective clothing. During the day, you can avoid pedestrian accidents by using crosswalks and crossing only on walk signals. Additionally, you should proceed with caution when walking — do not dart across the street. If you run out into the road, a driver may not see you or be able to react quickly when you are in front of their car. However, you should not walk too slowly that you are in the road for an extended period of time.

Were You Injured in a Pedestrian Accident?

Sadly, one driver’s negligence can harm even the most cautious pedestrians. If you were hurt in a pedestrian accident, contact the Law Office of Marshall Silberberg. Our attorneys are available to discuss your case during a free consultation.

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