What to Do if Your Loved One Is the Victim of an 18-Wheeler Accident

Truck Accident

Accidents involving large trucks can be devastating, mostly due to their size. Take, for example, an 18-wheeler—these large trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds with cargo. If your loved one was injured in an 18-wheeler accident, make sure to follow the steps below in the interest of their health, well-being, and legal rights.

Get Professional Medical Help, Immediately

The sooner a medical professional is consulted, the sooner they can identify and treat any injuries and health conditions. Do not wait to see if an injury gets better on its own. It may be more serious than it appears. For instance, an untreated concussion could easily progress into a severe brain injury.

Exchange Information with All Other Parties

If you manage to make it to the scene of the accident, try to swap contact information with all other parties. This includes other drivers and any witnesses.

Refrain from Making Statements to the Insurance Company

The single biggest mistake that many accident victims and their loved ones make is giving statements to the insurance company. Anything you say to an insurance agent can be held against you; what’s worse, it is common for them to twist what you say to deny your claim and weaken any chance you may have at a lawsuit.

Consult an Attorney

This is a good step to follow even if you do not plan on taking legal action. Most attorneys (like ours at the Law Office of Marshall Silberberg) offer free case reviews in which you can learn your rights and get an estimate of your case’s value. An attorney can also help you with your insurance claim. Often, having a legal professional advocate for you is enough to get the insurance company to offer you a fair settlement.

Unfortunately, accidents can happen to even the most careful and attentive people. We may not be able to control everything around us, but we can control how effectively we respond when the worst-case scenario happens.

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